Which Panic At the Disco Song Are You?

There are a lot of fantastic songs by panic at the disco but which song are you ok I'm trying to get the amount of words here ok you get the message about what the quiz is about don't you because of the title Lol I think that's wasted some characters..

Sooo... Which panic at the disco song are you most like find out in this quiz and I hope to god you're nine in the afternoon or I write sins because they are the best songs ever!!! Remember to like fall out boy too!

Created by: =D
  1. Which panic at the disco son is the best out of the following?
  2. Are you a fun person?
  3. Are you a kind person for instance writing a song FOR your fans!! ?
  4. Do you like 'to dance'
  5. Will boys be boys do you think?
  6. Who is the best member of panic?
  7. What time is it now?
  8. Do you like the Beatles style video's?
  9. Do you like slow songs or fast songs>?
  10. The quiz is nearly finished!
  11. Right you know a guy and a girl yeahhh and the girl is cheating on the guy but they are getting married!! Yeah.. But you're the grooms conscience what do you do?
  12. What clothes would you wear for a video shoot?

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Quiz topic: Which Panic At the Disco Song am I?