Panic! At the Disco Lyrics Quiz

Panic! At the disco lyrics quiz. The hardest quiz around about Panic! At the discos lyrics. I call it the Panic! At the disco report card it is very hard and lets see you you can get the grades to be called a true fan or you may just get left back and well you'd be a loser sorry so goof--- have fun.

Can you pass the quiz doubt it only true fans can pass with flying colors but I still admire those who guess cause at least you didn't cheat well try it and go for it guess if you have to its not tricky if you know the songs because this is my first quiz and you could possibly use common sense to pass the report card?

Created by: Car Crash
  1. Fill in the blank: This is the scent of dead skin on a __________ floor.
  2. Fill in the blank: Give envy, Give me ________, Give me your attention.
  3. What song is this from? Dear studio audience, I've an announcement to make. It seems the artist these days are not who you think. But will pick back up on that on another page.
  4. Who is the lead singer of Panic! At The Disco?
  5. Fill in the blank: Oh the conductor is_________.
  6. Fill in the blank: Raindrops on roses, and girls in _______ dresses.
  7. Fill in the blank: I'm _________ this evening already and loving every minute of it.
  8. Fill in the blanks: Oh and the smokes in that cigarette box at your table, they just so happen to be_______ with ___________.
  9. Fill in the blanks: Oh and just for the record the ________ today is slightly __________ with a good chance of A. _________ B. __________ in what the critics say.
  10. Fill in the blank: Is it still _______ who makes you_______? Am I who you __________ about in ________? When the ________ are ______ and your ________ are ______ as your __________ off your ________.

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