Do you know Panic! At The Disco?

Panic At The Disco has been in the buisness for a few years and are making their way onto the charts! Do you know your panic? This is some of the rooting facts about panic so good luck!

You can know simple facts but do you know panic's history? are you sure"? test your knowlage to see if you know panic at the disco! I shall warn you now that these facts are not that obvious *well some are* but i wish you luck grasshopper!

Created by: Kiley
  1. Who isn't currently in panic?
  2. Who is known for having designs on his face?
  3. Who is the youngest member of panic?
  4. Who were best friends growing up?
  5. What was the original band name *two of the members had a band when they were younger*
  6. who was not in summer league?
  7. Who promoted the band?
  8. What is their album title?
  9. What music video won them a mtv music video award?
  10. The band is from _______
  11. What band is like a "father" of panic?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Panic! At The Disco?