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  • I LOVE the ginger haired guy. There are a only a few people that have created my perfect guy or a guy who is near to him and you are one of them. You are a very talented writer and I love your series 'Never from Ordanairy' it is just so amazing! Even though it can be confusing your are talented. I have taken most of your other quizzes! You described how my parents died so simply but you get how it would feel. Keep on writing! = )

    GinnyGirl May 12 '12, 10:20PM
  • Love your quiz
    I got collin .
    Thanks for helping me in the fourm.

    savvysagelove May 11 '12, 4:56PM
  • What a lovely quiz, you are a very promising writer, and I do hope you continue.

    maddermortem Mar 3 '12, 9:35AM
  • amazing quiz! hurry up with part 2 lol

    elisabeth Nov 26 '11, 2:18AM
  • ok i rushed it a bit, but i wanted u guys to see it, Part 2 i'll probably be introducing Colin, but if u want me to introduce someone else i'll see if i can, thank you for your comments without you guys i wouldn't be making these

    angelic4 Nov 23 '11, 1:04PM
  • I got coilin!!!! I love him

    ashbieber123 Nov 22 '11, 6:48PM
  • part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

    Jade Black Nov 22 '11, 12:17PM
  • I flipping love this quiz series!!!! What a great idea! It is a little bit rushed though an you should probably introduce the guys slowly as to not avoid confusion. But great over all! I'm super excited to read part 2!:D

    SparklyScarlett Nov 22 '11, 11:56AM
  • It was AWESOME!!! Now hurry up with part 2 or I will order my warrior Pegasus to get you

    sundaisy Nov 22 '11, 11:08AM
  • James ^-^ You'd better hurry up with the next part, I have a baseball bat and I'm not afraid to use it :P xD

    AiFiahK3mE Nov 22 '11, 10:06AM

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