How much of a yeehaw are you?

Aight kiddos this is a quiz I made to determine if you’re a yeehaw or not; I’d advise you to turn back if you’re it ready for the truth yeah that’s right don’t blame me for crushing your yeehaw dreams

What qualifies you for being a yeehaw? The yeehaw spectrum is quite complex some think but it ain’t that hard it’s just a matter of how many cousins y’all screwed

Created by: ThatOnePlatypus
  1. What music do you like
  2. Where do you live
  3. Have you screwed your first cousin
  4. Do you wear cowboy hats
  5. Do you live on a farm
  6. Do you ride in the back of daddy’s pickup truck with YOR 8 siblings as a form of transportation?
  7. Do you own/drive a truck?
  8. How would you describe your family
  9. Do you like beer trucks and girls
  10. Yeehaw

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Quiz topic: How much of a yeehaw am I?