answer some questions and get psychoanalysed with itzy!

so basically you answer six boring questions. then i’ll psychoanalyse you. also i’ll give you a itzy member. it’s not related to the members fyi before i get cancelled. tyvm. what are you waiting for? try it now!

i love itzy and i always have. so if i get any hate…/jkthis took like 1 hour to make. but its a sacrifice im willing to make!! pls lmk what you think. yeehaw!

Created by: lizzie
  1. how you doin’ my friend?
  2. if you don’t mind, how’s your school/education going?
  3. well, im bored now. tell me what your insecure of the most?
  4. your dream job?
  5. random but your fav animal?
  6. your fav itzy song???
  7. what’s ur age group? (or just ignore)
  8. who is ur itzy bias?
  9. would you rather be a unicorn or a mermaid? think carefully!
  10. this doesn’t change anything but. what do you think abt this quiz?

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