do you have a cowboy soul in you?

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As we heard, hundred years ago there lived cowboys. The outlaws, the gun-fights, the gold rush, the mormons... Many of us-especially me-know them from movie and novel form.

Having a cowboy soul doesn't mean you in cowboy hat and jeans riding horse. It appears in your daily life and habitual. The question is do you have a cowboy soul in you?

Created by: TearOfSun

  1. Unforgiven or Indiana Jones?
  2. cat or dog?
  3. rifle or MP7?
  4. whiskey or root beer?
  5. sneaker or boots?
  6. prefer to ride a...
  7. prefer to learn about...
  8. prefer to live in...
  9. what's your fav time of a day?
  10. what's your fav music instrument?
  11. will you do 'brandling' to your horse?
  12. what kind of music is your fav?
  13. who's the first got title 'my girl' from you?
  14. what's your brand of jeans?
  15. which one of the following isn't a country singer?
  16. are you interested in rodeo?
  17. do you think you have a cowboy soul in you?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a cowboy soul in you?