Which minecraft mob drop are you?

Your just a mob, walking along, when a human comes along and kills you. You turn into an item, then think, "I didn't know what mob I was, how am I supposed to know what item I am?" Just find out in this quiz!

And if you don't really feel like the item this quiz says you are, then perhaps you aren't that on! Are you earthling or alien? Find out in 'Which mob are you: Nether and End edition' coming soon!

Created by: Thomas
  1. What is your favourite mob?
  2. What is you favourite mob part two?
  3. Wanna go mining?
  4. Wanna go mining part two?
  5. Perhaps some fishing?
  6. I'm thinking of building a big house. Any suggestion blocks?
  7. I'm thinking of building a big house.Any suggestion blocks part two?
  8. Yikes! A creeper! What shall we do?
  9. Ooh, a talent show! What should I do?
  10. How can I decorate my garden?
  11. How can I decorate my garden part 2?
  12. Last question: what's your favourite number?

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Quiz topic: Which minecraft mob drop am I?