Which Bob are you?

It's Bob Bob Bob and Bob! The four Bobs! Bob Akuba is the cool one, Bob Byle is the sporty one, Bobby Blue is the derpy one and Space Bob is the mysterious one! It's Bob Bob Bob and Bob!

Which one of the Bobs are you? Are you derpy? Are you sporty? Are you derpy? Are you mysterious? Take my quiz if you're so anxious to find out! Yaaaaaaaay!

Created by: ThatOnePlatypus
  1. What is your mom like?
  2. Do you think you could become a meme?
  3. What kind of tops do you like?
  4. In your friend group, which friend are you?
  5. What music do you listen to?
  6. What's your favorite color?
  7. Which of these non-swear words is your favorite?
  8. What would you want as a pet?
  9. Would you want to be friends with a childish person?
  10. Which is your favorite hobby?
  11. What is your alternative to the word "yes"?
  12. What is your mom's hair color
  13. Do you have a girl/boyfriend?
  14. What are you to other people?
  15. What kind of food do you like?
  16. What is your style?
  17. Do you like wearing hats?
  18. Do you have more than one friend group?

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Quiz topic: Which Bob am I?