Do you want to SAVE DERPY?

Okay Derpy fans and others! Did you know that they might have cancled Derpy?! Well, I'm not clear on whether they did or not, but if they did, we need to save her!

Some people think Derpy is offensive because some people are slow and stuff like that. But do they really want to make people sad by making her go away? Do you want to make people sad? Help us save her!

Created by: lilfallenangel
  1. First question! On a scale from 1-5 how cute do you think Derpy is? (Derpy is a my little pony chacter GOOGLE HER!)
  2. Okay, do you think Derpy is offensive to slow people and stuff?
  3. Do you like the original Derpy or new Derpy? (How she looks and talks.)
  4. How much stuff do you have involving Derpy?
  5. Let's see how much you really know about Derpy.
  6. Okay, how was derpy noticed and made into main chacter-ish?(i think I spelled it wrong..)
  7. What's wrong with her features?
  8. Okay I don't want to get off topic...
  9. Do you want Derpy back?
  10. Okay! I hope you want to save Derpy! Bye! Comment please!

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Quiz topic: Do I want to SAVE DERPY?