What Type Of Minecrafter Are You?

Minecraft is a really fun game that's rather popular. Maybe you've heard of it. Maybe you love it, and maybe you aren't a huge fan. Minecraft is a game where there are many different types of players.

In all the diversity, you have a type too! Well, if you're a Minecraft player, that is! Whether you RAAAAAAGE at every little thing, or own anyone who challenges you, you have a type! What kind of Minecraft player are you? Find out!

Created by: ThatOnePlatypus
  1. You've just started a new world! What's the first thing you do?
  2. You've finished your house! What does it look like?
  3. Well, you need food! How do you get it?
  4. Some random person somehow joins your private world. You have no idea who it is or what they might do. What do you do?
  5. You and your friend decide to play Minecraft together. Who's world do you play on?
  6. You've just killed a mob. Why?
  7. You're playing on a creative world with five others. Then, someone blows up a thing you spent hours working on. What do you do?
  8. How do you feel when people help you build?
  9. Are you bossy when you build things with friends? Why?
  10. You find a blacksmith chest! Yay! There's four things in it, iron ingots, a wooden tool, food, and leather boots. A creeper is coming, and you can only take one item before it all gets blown up. What do you take?
  11. You're mining! How do you dig?
  12. What do you need to make a cake in Minecraft?
  13. How many people do you or would you like to play with?
  14. Do people like playing Minecraft with you? Why?
  15. What is the most valuable thing you've found in Minecraft?
  16. What would you do if your house got blown up?
  17. You "beat" Minecraft! What do you do? (In real life)
  18. You're about to go on your first server! Yay! What kind of server do you want to go on?
  19. What's the best thing about playing on a server?
  20. You've just joined a server! What's the first thing you do?
  21. You're on a PVP map and you get killed. How do you react?
  22. What do you do if someone bullies you in the chat?
  23. How many friends have you made in servers?
  24. Do you team in Survival Games? Why?
  25. What size servers do you prefer?
  26. You're about to make the leaderboard for highest kill count, and then you die.
  27. You have to leave the server. What do you say in chat?
  28. Ok, now you're on a survival server. You're cutting down a tree and then someone else comes and starts cutting it too. What do you do?
  29. You've finished your six-story house! Unfortunately, someone comes in and asks if they can live with you. What do you do?
  30. What kind of person would you want to team up with in a minigames server?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Minecrafter am I?