Do You Even Minecraft? 1.12

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Hello! I'm PinkDino, a Youtuber who LOVES playing Minecraft! Do you? If so, play this quiz to see how much of a pro you really are! The question is, Do you even Minecraft?

Are YOU truly a minecrafter? Do YOU truly love the game? Well take this lovely quiz to find out! In just a few minutes you will see how much of a noob you are or how much a pro you are!

Created by: PinkDinoYT
  1. What mob can't you find in the Nether?
  2. How many colors of wool are there in Minecraft?
  3. What number do buckets stack to?
  4. What do Parrots eat?
  5. What mob will drown if in water?
  6. How much Attack damage does a Diamond Sword give in one hit?
  7. There are 5 types of tulips: Red, Pink, White, Orange, and Yellow
  8. How many hits with a wooden sword will kill a cow?
  9. Two parrots can sit on your shoulders at a time.
  10. A note block can play if there is a slab on top of it.
  11. Two types of Flowers are two blocks high. Which ones?
  12. The 1.12 Update added colored beds.
  13. If you place a lever and turn it on next to the dragon's head, it will make the mouth move.
  14. Armor Stands can hold weapons too.
  15. How many Mobs are there in Minecraft?

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