Are you a derp?

There is a distinctive difference between deeps and "normals". A derp is a very quirky person, who rebels against what's socially acceptable and does things their own way.

You came to this quiz to know if you are a derp or a "normal"? Well, you'll soon find out! You could be a derp, and never have expected or realized it before!

Created by: ThatOnePlatypus
  1. You're smiling because you're excited to take this quiz! (JUST PRETEND ;d) Now you're inspired. Pick a smiley!
  2. Do you and your friends feel separated from the rest of society?
  3. Is your idea of normal significantly different?
  4. Are you friends with Chad?
  5. Is your group of friends very close and fairly similar in behavior?
  6. Do other people describe you as weird?
  7. Would you consider yourself popular?
  8. Have you ever been bullied for having a unique personality or style?
  9. Are "normal" people embarrassed to be around you or to hang out with you?
  10. Are you cringey? Be honest!
  11. You're auditioning for a school play (JUST PRETEND FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE ;C) and you can choose to audition for A) a human role B) an animal role C) a narrator role Which would you choose?
  12. Do others say you're optimistic?
  13. Are you accepting and friendly?
  14. Do you respect your parents or whoever takes/took care of you?
  15. Pick a username you'd use in Roblox
  16. Can 2+2 be 5?
  17. Describe yourself
  18. Do you enjoy "childish" things?
  19. Lastly, are you immature?

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Quiz topic: Am I a derp?