what role do you play in a group

You may have your little clique or group at school that you hang around with at school, but what part do you play in that group. Are you the negotiator, the bruiser, or just the amuser for the entire team. Take this quiz and find out.

Each of your friends has their own unique personality that makes them a part of the group. Without them the group would crumble and become meaningless. Find out what your role is in your group.

Created by: beef wellington
  1. What is your main hobby
  2. What is your favorite animal
  3. You are walking through the forest with your friend and get lost, good job. What do you do
  4. Well you managed to find some shelter but at the same time come across some pissed off natives. Think fast
  5. You end up trying to reason with them but they are not amused, instead they try to kill you what do you do
  6. You got away but you soon hear them coming closer. What do you do
  7. Alright you finally lose them, now we can get back to the quiz
  8. Pick a color
  9. Now pick an attribute
  10. You see a cat stuck in a tree, what do you do
  11. Pick a weapon you would use in a fight
  12. Do You think this Quiz is lame ( this will affect your quiz)
  13. What vehicle would you drive to get around everywhere
  14. What do people think of you as
  15. How do you fight
  16. alright next question... wait, the warriors are coming back gotta go Bye Bye

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Quiz topic: What role do I play in a group