Are you Darline Wilson?

Darline Wilson. Nobody likes her, except for like 3 people. She runs away from her own shadow, she cries over the littlest things, and she's been in some of the dumbest situations in the book, and if she ever died from one of them, she'd have five Darwin awards given to her.

How similar are you and Darline Wilson? What I've just said about her makes you wonder, huh? Find out by taking this quiz! It's fun, and you'll know how similar you two are!

Created by: ThatOnePlatypus

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  1. What color is your hair?
  2. What is your hair length?
  3. What's your favorite cartoon?
  4. How many friends do you have?
  5. Are most of your friends around your age?
  6. What's your favorite color?
  7. What are your thoughts the emo style?
  8. What are your thoughts on revealing clothes? (Crop tops, short shorts, etc)
  9. Do you like shrimp?
  10. What do you think the age limit is for trick or treating?
  11. What social media do you use?
  12. Which childhood game was your favorite?
  13. What's your worst fear?
  14. Be honest, what's your reputation?
  15. What are you like when you cry?
  16. What's your favorite holiday?
  17. What do you wear for your special day?!?!?! (Your birthday)
  18. Have you ever gotten your clothes caught in an elevator?
  19. Have you ever been hit/slapped/kicked by a random stranger?
  20. Have you been pushed into a fountain?
  21. Have you knocked over a table with your belly?
  22. Have you ever broken a glass table by accidentally hitting/falling/kicking it?
  23. Have you ever had reporters get in your face and mock you?
  24. Have you ever tried something on at a store, and then it got really stuck?
  25. Okay, how do other people positively describe you?
  26. Now how do people NEGATIVELY describe you?
  27. Do you get anxiety when you go out in public?
  28. Have you ever almost drowned in one of these things?
  29. What do you do when someone criticizes you?
  30. What do you think is most important in life?
  31. Have you done any of these things?
  32. Are you infamous in your town/city?
  33. Would you ever consider moving because of the people who hate you?
  34. Lastly, do you think teletubbies are scary?

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Quiz topic: Am I Darline Wilson?