Are you a TRUE Jacqueline Wilson fan?

There are many smart people, but on few Jacqueline Wilson geniuses! They are awesome and love to read and ARE NOT always nerds, maybe even dumb people, but not dumb in the world of JACQUELINE WILSON!!!

Are you a cool person who knows lots about JW? Will you survive? Or will you find out that you are totally dumb when it comes to JW? Well? Find out now!!!

Created by: Crystalsky

  1. In the book "Lola Rose", what was Kenny's animal and its name?
  2. In "The Dare Game", did Tracy's mum come and take her back?
  3. In "The Longest Whale Song", what was wrong with Ella's mum?
  4. In "The Longest Whale Song", what was wrong with Ella's mum?
  5. In "Cookie", who is Beauty's enemy?
  6. Where was Jacqueline Wilson born?
  7. How old is Tracy Beaker?
  8. In "Sapphire Battersea", what did Sapphire/Hetty want to be?
  9. How old is Ellie? (the girls series)
  10. What's the name of Jacqueline Wilson's current male cat?
  11. What book is this a quote from? (Do NOT cheat in this quiz!) "Camomile tea is disgusting. I don't like to say anything because ........ is trying to be really kind to me - but she sees my face." Names blocked out because it may give it away.

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE Jacqueline Wilson fan?