Which Superhuman are you????

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Hi, my name is Elle Wilson and i created this quiz to see not just who you look like but also who you act like in the superhero world. I hope you like it. 👍😁👌🤔👇✌

First you will answer some questions (truthfully).Then you will see what character you are. Finally you will read your traits and if they match get your friend play it and possibly more.

Created by: Ellissia Wilson

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  1. What color is your hair????
  2. what is your gender????
  3. which name do you prefer????
  4. whats your click????
  5. which color outfit would you rather wear????
  6. what is your relationship status????
  7. What hat or mask do you prefer????
  8. who is your favorite superhuman????
  9. Age????
  10. teddy bear????

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Quiz topic: Which Superhuman am I????