Who Are You in a Superhero Block Buster Movie

In a Superhero movie, there are lots of roles to play. Who are you? Are you the evil in the world or are you the leading man who protects everyone with there heart of gold?

This quiz will tell you who you are in a Hollywood blockbuster superhero film. This is a parody of old superhero movies from the main actor to the love interest Who are you, find out?

Created by: Reid Otter

  1. Are You, Male or Female? (Important to Results)
  2. Would you save someone's life if you put yourself in danger?
  3. Are You Good Looking?
  4. Would you die first?
  5. would you fall in love?
  6. what power do you want
  7. do you like capes
  8. what would you save CAT or DOG
  9. Guns?
  10. who deserves to die?
  11. Did you like the quiz ( no effect on the score)

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Quiz topic: Who am I in a Superhero Block Buster Movie