Are you a villain or a superhero?

Are you a villain or a superhero find out if you are loved by people or disliked by people find out which you are in my quiz these are DC villains and supers

So you will get the classic villains and superheroes such as Batman, Robin, The Joker, and Harley Quinn I hope you like my quiz thanks for taking it. Thanks God bless

Created by: Karinamo
  1. You find an abandoned child in the street who says they have No family you......
  2. You see a little girl crying you look up and see a small cat stuck in a tree you....
  3. You see a villain attacking you...
  4. You see a small kid who is getting bullied you...
  5. Would you do any thing for the person you love.
  6. You are asked if you want to comet suicide you say.....
  7. Do you care about others
  8. Do you like others the way you like yourself
  9. You see a person with mental illness you......
  10. Last question

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Quiz topic: Am I a villain or a superhero?