Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson

This is one of my favourite books by Jacqueline Wilson. This quiz shouldn't be that hard, because I would rate it Average in difficulty. This book is truly brilliant, so read it and then try this quiz!

So, are you ready to brainstorm through twelve quick questions? Do enjoy this quiz. I truly hope that you'll get a good score, then you'll be on your way to becoming a Jacky genius, though you'll still have far to go because she's written so many other books too!

Created by: akpower

  1. What is Biscuits' real name?
  2. Who is Flora?
  3. Which of these words best describes Gemma?
  4. Why did Alice move to Scotland?
  5. Why did Gemma and Alice run away?
  6. Why does Gemma have the hair like she has?
  7. What did Alice send Gemma at the end of the book, and what did it say?
  8. Why do Biscuits' and Gemma become friends?
  9. Who is Fat Larry?
  10. Why does Gemma throw the cake in Flora's face when she visits Scotland?

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