House Robot - Which Fiction U.S. President Are You?

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In the book House Robot there are many fictional United States Presidents, but only one of them is the one that you are most like, although you may be a lot like multiple of them, but one of them is more like what you are like.

So who is it? Is it Leon Seymour, Rosanne Weddingcradke, John Troupe, Michaellary Richards-Seymour, Hadacol Doffie or Wilson John Frank? Is it a Republican or a Democrat? Did they win the Presidency themselve or succeed to it from the Vice Prsidency upon the death of the predecessor?

Created by: potto
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which political party do you support?
  2. What issue are you most passionate about?
  3. Which former President do you think is most like you?
  4. If you won your party's nomination for President, what kind of person would you choose as Vice President?
  5. What age do you think you would want to be President at?
  6. If you suffered one or more major tragedies in your personal life, how would it affect your work as President?
  7. What matters more to you: how your decisions as President affect America, or how they affect the world?
  8. What matters more to you: how your decisions as President affect people in the present, or how they will affect people in the future?
  9. Would you strive to have the nation aquire more states during your term(s).
  10. Which presidential assassination was, in your opinion, most tragic?

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Quiz topic: House Robot - Which Fiction U.S. President am I?