Tracy Beaker Returns - Series 2

Tracy Beaker was first created by Jacqueline Wilson, and it became such a big hit they decided to make it a TV series. This quiz is about Tracy Beaker Returns, Series 2.

This quiz shouldn't be too hard. I made it easy on purpose, then you won't have to scratch your head and say "Did that actually happen?" Now try my quiz!

Created by: anfal

  1. When Frank goes to the antiques shop, how much money does he sell the pocket watch for?
  2. In the last episode, what did Tracy keep on having nightmares about?
  3. What did Mike call the African people who came to stay?
  4. When Tee and Johnny aren't lucky with the Watson's, what is the reason?
  5. When Johnny, Frank and Liam are dressed in girls clothes, and Carmen and Tee are dancing in front of them, why is this?
  6. What phrase/tune does Spooner say when Liam first arrived at the old people's home?
  7. What did Elektra make Frank do when she made a club when she arrived at the Dumping Ground?
  8. When Lily's dad started following her when she was with Tracy shopping, Lily sat down at a table and he caught up with her. What did he say?
  9. What was Cally's gang called?
  10. When Lily borrows Tracy's best top, and Tracy sees, what does Carmen say?
  11. Why is Elektra angry at Carmen?
  12. What kind of snake is Harry nearly bitten by?

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