How Well Do You Know The Warrior Clans

I love the Warrior series.It is written by Erin Hunter,Who is actually four people.They came up with the name Erin Hunter so the books would be under the same auther.They also write Seekers,which is about bears. Not as cool:C

I might make more quizes because there are mor than one series,with six books in one series.I LOVE the WARRIOR SERIES.You can find it at most book stores.

Created by: Kenzie

  1. What are the Warrior Clans?
  2. What is a cat called when they are still learning to fight,hunt,and the ways of a warrior.
  3. What are the names of the clans?
  4. What kittypet joined the Clans?
  5. What name was he given?
  6. Who gave him his name?
  7. Who was his closest friend?
  8. When the former kittypet and his friend become warriors what are thier names?
  9. How does the former kittypet's apprentice break her leg?
  10. Who tries to kill the thunder clan leader?
  11. How does Bluestar die?
  12. Who takes Bluestar's place?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Warrior Clans