How well do you know Tracy Beaker?

Tracy Beaker is a great TV show aimed for kids. Here's a quiz for those Tracy Beaker geniuses. A Tracy Beaker genius is someone who can answer all these simple questions about the Tracy Beaker series.

Do you think YOU would be able to complete the Tracy Beaker challenge? Are you that Tracy Beaker genius? Do you even know who Tracy Beaker is? Have a go at this quiz and reveal how well you know Tracy Beaker!

Created by: Siara
  1. What colour is Tracy's hair?
  2. Which careworker does Tracy absolutely hate?
  3. Who fosters Tracy?
  4. Who does Tracy have her first kiss with?
  5. Who are Tracy's best friends?
  6. Which careworker does Tracy want to become her foster dad?
  7. How old is Tracy when she is fostered?
  8. What does Tracy always say her mum does as a job?
  9. Why was Tracy put in a cell?
  10. Who else does Tracy's foster mum foster?
  11. When Tracy is at the Dumping Ground what accidental colour did she dye her hair?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Tracy Beaker?