Which BX9 squad member (seasons 1-2) are you?

The BX9 series is a group of stories about a group of friends that go on crazy adventures and have weird experiences. The drama between the characters and the problems between the group and society are entertaining

Which one of the BX9 squad members are you? Many of the characters have defined and differing personalities from each other. Which character are you? hi

Created by: ThatOnePlatypus
  1. Pick a word to describe yourself.
  2. Do you like sarcastic humor?
  3. What is your weakness?
  4. What do you do when someone is picking on you?
  5. Do you care when people pick on you?
  6. Are you proud of where you are in life right now?
  7. What do you like about yourself?
  8. Which piece of advice is your favorite?
  9. What are your views on opportunities?
  10. Which personality trait do you dislike the most?
  11. What do you want people to know about you?
  12. Which of these names is your favorite?
  13. What name do you hate?
  14. What do you do if someone wrongs you?
  15. What do you think is the best revenge?
  16. What is your favorite social media platform?
  17. Why is having friends important?
  18. What is a friendship deal breaker for you?
  19. Are you more of a follower or a leader?

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Quiz topic: Which BX9 squad member (seasons 1-2) am I?

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