Can you survive Aunt Polly?

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Aunt Polly is a character I made up. She absolutely loves children, but she acts very generous around adults too. Sometimes her loving personality makes people a little insane though.

The question is, could you survive Aunt Polly? Could you put up with her loving ways? Now, you can find out by taking this quiz! Believe me, it'll definitely be worth your time!

Created by: ThatOnePlatypus
  1. You walk in the front door of a nicely sized house, and you're hugged by a lady.
  2. She says her name is Aunt Polly
  3. She says, "why don't you come in and sit on the couch?"
  4. Aunt Polly holds out a plate of cookies. They're chocolate chip.
  5. you like...take one?
  6. You have a suitcase. Mind blown. What's in it?
  7. Aunt Polly guides you to a hallway. "There's 6 guest rooms" she says. Which one do you take?
  8. A 17 year old girl comes in. "That's my niece, her name is Chelsie!" Aunt Polly says.
  9. Aunt Polly explains why Chelsie is staying with her.
  10. Does Aunt Polly creep you out?
  11. Aunt Polly says she loves baking.
  12. You get a text from a friend, but Aunt Polly is telling a story.
  13. A Girl Scout comes and Aunt Polly asks if you want any cookies.
  14. You've been at Aunt Polly's house for 2 hours and she's bugged you at least 15 times.
  15. Would you tell Aunt Polly she's pretty?
  16. Aunt Polly bugs you a 16th time, asking if you want ice cream.
  17. Dinner time! Where do you sit?
  18. Half way through the meal, you accidentally spill a drink on Aunt Polly. She gasps, she's wearing her favorite dress.
  19. After dinner, it's shower time! What's the order?
  20. After the shower, Aunt Polly accidentally walks in on you when you're naked. "Oh dear I'm so sorry!" She says.
  21. What time do you go to bed?
  22. What do you do before drifting off to sleep?
  23. You wake up, and Aunt Polly's making pancakes!
  24. How many pancakes do you have?
  25. "You planned to leave at lunchtime, right?" Aunt Polly asks.
  26. Chelsie has to leave to go to school.
  27. "Do you want any cookies?" Aunt Polly asks.
  28. It's 11:00. You leave at 12:00. You...
  29. Time to go!
  30. "Oh, give me a hug, sweetheart!" Aunt Polly says. Do you hug her back?
  31. Would you ever go back?
  32. Are you mad at me for making you go to Aunt Polly's house? "¢~"¢
  33. what if I told you I'm sending you back next year?

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Quiz topic: Can I survive Aunt Polly?