There are many skinny and fat people in the world,,and wouldn't u like to know which one you are? If u do want to know then take my quiz right now, go ahead!

Thanks to my awesome quiz, you will now find out in a couple of minutes if you are skinny or fat, so go right ahead and take my awesome quiz!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: kelly
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  1. if there was an all you can eat buffet how many plates would you eat?
  2. if your best friend said that she is way to full to eat another bite of her/him hamburger and asked you if you wanted it you will say...
  3. how many refills will you get in a cup of soda?
  4. if you went to the beach what would you wear?
  5. if someone called you fat what would you say?
  6. which activity would you most likely participate in?
  7. if they were giving free chocolate at walmart how many bars would you get?
  8. can you do the splits?
  9. if someone asked you if you wanted a kids meal and you already ate what would you say?
  10. bye!

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Quiz topic: Am I SKINNY OR FAT????