Am I chubby if?

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I’m 13 and have gained some weight recently by becoming less active and eating a lot more, let’s see if u think I’m fat, skinny, or chubby, et cetera.

This quiz will really help me know what I need to do with my body, so it would be really very helpful if you could answer seriously and comment. Thx hope you enjoy:)

Created by: Anthony

  1. My pants from a few months ago are very tight and make my thighs uncomfortable.
  2. I have a muffin top and can’t see my jeans button when I sit down.
  3. I have gained 10 lbs in the last 6 months.
  4. When sitting I can push my whole finger into my squishy belly.
  5. My belly jiggles when I walk and my butt and thighs jiggle almost every time I move.
  6. When standing up i can’t see my feet nor toes when I look down.
  7. I went to a restaurant and ate till my button nearly popped, then went home had a cookie and some chocolate that sat on a couch for a few hours, only to then eat a medium dinner and go to bed.
  8. I can grab two handfuls of fat from my belly sitting down.
  9. Sitting down I have three belly rolls.
  10. After running up the stairs I get slightly winded.

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