Should i get chuuby

Have you ever wondered, Should i get fat? I have and i really want too(because im skinny) Well, this quiz will help you decide this ultimate question.

This quiz will help you decide whether to get fat/chubby or not. This quiz might not be 100% accurate though :( Either you should get fat, maybe, or you shouldn't thx and hope you enjoy

Created by: Martain

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  1. (BTW, this is going to mostly be a rp quiz) Let's say you woke up and look in the mirror and see that you have a very-hard-to-hide muffin top. You:
  2. You loved the way your big muffin top was, so you started to gain. You now have gained 5 pounds, adding onto the muffin top, and someone at school/work comments to you negatively. You:
  3. You go out with your friends, and order alot of food. You feel like your going to burst, but of course, your friends wants dessert. You have dessert as well, and your buttons burst! You:
  4. After nearly 1.5 months of gaining, you have gained a total of 25 pounds. Now your about to go on a date. Your old, normal fitting cloths are very tight, but you put them on anyway. After eating a lot of food with your date, your pants start to rip. You:
  5. Now, you've gained a hefty 45 pounds, and your mom pays you a surprise visit. She says 'you're getting fat.' and gives you a dietitians number. You:
  6. Now, after gaining 50 pounds in 6 months, you look almost like a different person. Your belly sits half way on your lap, you can't even see your toes when you look down, and when you're in bed, all you see is a huge beach ball. You:
  7. One of your friends ask you if they could help feeding you even more. You:
  8. You go the the cloths store, because after you became a feedee, nothing fits you anymore, but nothing seems to fit. You:
  9. ok, role playing is done. lets get to know more about you, What's your height
  10. Finaly question: What is your weight?

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