what size of girl do you like

have you ever wondered what size of girl your attracted to be it fat, slim, very fat, overweight, chubby, pudgy, a blimp, a whale, skinny, plump, or obese

so what size of girl do you want skink or fat take the test to find out what you like and if it is correct so take the quiz now or later you decide

Created by: tommy
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  1. you are sitting in a restaurant and a girl whose jeans are close to bursting asks you if she can eat with you. what do you tell her
  2. your girlfriend has a bulge under her shirt what do you tell her
  3. your 140 pound girl friend tells you she wants to gain 20 pounds what do you say to her.
  4. if you poked your finger into your girls belly what do you want to feel
  5. your girl is measuring her belly what results do you want
  6. your date is warring a tight dress at a dance what do you want to happen
  7. you see a skinny girl on the beach what do you think
  8. your girl is eating burgers how many do you want her to eat
  9. you are dancing at a party with a plump girl what will you d the rest of the party
  10. your girlfriend is eating a bag of chips what do you do
  11. we going out for dinner your date wears
  12. if you had to chose how much every woman weighs in the world how much would they weigh
  13. you feed your girl what
  14. your girlfriends bely I as big as a ?
  15. your girlfriend has to much to eat what do you say to her
  16. you are eating at buffet and you see a girl who came in a few minutes before you eating 5ths and her jean buttons pop off what do you think
  17. your girlfriends belly is hanging over her pant 1 inch what do you say to her or think
  18. fat girl or thin girl
  19. what is your girls biggest part

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Quiz topic: What size of girl do I like