Whats your bladder size?

Everybody have a other bladder. Some a small and some really big. Even more bigger your bladder is, can doing you day without desperate moments. Lets see whats your bladder size is!

You think you habe a large bladder? Lets see! Do this quiz and you would know where you bladder stands. Drink up and good luck by testing your bladder!

Created by: Felix

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  1. how often do you go pee on a normal day?
  2. how often do you get desperate to pee in a normal week?
  3. have you ever done a pee holding contest with others?
  4. Drink in 15 minutes 2 liters of your favorite drink and wait until you cant hold longer in. how long last it?
  5. when you are bursting to pee how easily do you leak?
  6. you are at a bladder buster party, free drinks between someone pee, you drink pretty much beer. Hows your bladder feeling after 1 hour?
  7. you are in a public shower and some people are around you. from swimming you have get a full bladder, but you wouldnt pee in the shower. how much pee escape you?
  8. before you went sleeping, you have drunk some water. after a normal night, how full is your bladder in the morning?
  9. you get a full bladder massage for 10 minutes, how wet your pants after that?
  10. Did you get a bladder bulge when you are really full?

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Quiz topic: Whats my bladder size?