Are you a true gainer?

Are you a true gainer? Gainers are people who want to gain weight in there lives and never stop. I find it super interesting so I made a quiz. I hope you all enjoy this quiz because it took me so long to make it.

If you truly are a gainer, I hope you get encouraged and to no gainers, I hope you get encouraged as well. Junk food isn't the only thing that can get you fat. Eating after 6 o clock and eating just a lot of everything and keeping something in your mouth every hour will help.

Created by: James Denim

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  1. If someone gave you a free meal, you would....
  2. You've gained 20 pounds and you feel great. You look down and see a couple of folds. You...
  3. What do you usually get at fast food
  4. You've gained 40 pounds in all and you feel bigger, but some room for improvement. Nothing in your wardrobe fits you anymore so you decide to go get a couple more jeans and shirts from your favorite store. When you get there, you try on some stuff... But everything is too tight. You... (This is a usual question in my quizzes but I still put them on)
  5. You stay anyway and try on a nice shirt, but it's tight. You push your belly far out to see if the shirt can handle your massiveness but it can't. It pops and the button flies off and crashes an expensive vase. You..
  6. You get home angry with the bill for the vase you don't know how you're going to get that much money. Suddenly the phone rings and you answer it. It was someone from the store you were in. They asked if you wanted to be a model that will pay well you need all the cash you can get so you accept. When you go there, the CEO of another clothing department gave you your clothes for the shoot. While putting them on, you realize that it is a small six but makes you look chunkier so you go along with it. You get out and the CEO calls you fabulous and slaps your belly
  7. You do some poses and you get like the attention. After the shoot, the CEO asked if you would want to work as a full time model and told you to sign a contract. You read the contract and see that there is a section that states you have to gain weight at least once a week. You
  8. The ceo takes you home and you are greeted with a one of a kind feast. A huge turkey, 16 boxes of hot wings, 2 bixes of Oreo cookies, 3 plates of Alfredo pasta, 4 pizzas, and a 5 layered cake alongside 5 quadruple stacked cheeseburgers (patties, cheese, big buns, and high in sugar, carbohydrates, and sodium). You,..
  9. In total, you have now gained 70 pounds. You eat until you're bloated and can barely move. Your belly covers your whole lap and your moobs(boobs) have cute little pouches. You...
  10. You start jiggling your belly on the mirror and your phone rings. It's the CEO and she tells you to come to the modeling are asap. When you get there, you see another dude way fatter than you, with bigger moobs and bigger thighs. You are challenged to an eating competition by him and the winner gets to take/keep the job. You agree because you still want the money and the CEO was helping you gain for free. You sir Down on separate tables and you are greeted with the biggest ice cream cake known to man. Halfway through the competition, your rival faints from eating too much. You...
  11. FINAL QUESTION!!! After following the same routines for about 6 months, you have gained a total of 150 pounds!!!! You feel sooooo big. You're belly is huge!!! When you sit, your belly covers your whole lap and it can go over and cover your knees. It's super soft and jiggly. You try and where one of the first t shirts you had 6 months ago and it stayed on showing all of fat tools and layers and moon punches and everything than ripped off making every part of your belly jiggle and beautiful. Your friends don't recognize you and look at you differently. What do you have to say?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true gainer?