What kind of gainer are you?

Gainers, they come in many forms. One thing they have in common they al gain weight. Some always knew some gained accidentally. Take the test to see what kind you are.

You can be six different types of gainers in my test: Ex-jock, Bear, Desk-job, Pig, Boss and mutual gainer. By filling in questions about your lifestyle or what you'd want it to be you get to know which one you are.

Created by: fatholland

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How did you get into gaining?
  2. Did you always want to gain?
  3. If you could be the guy you were before gaining again would you?
  4. When do you eat?
  5. How much do you eat?
  6. Feeding?
  7. Do you work out?
  8. Perfect date?
  9. Foreplay?
  10. Toys?
  11. Top or bottom?
  12. When do you have sex?
  13. What is your goal?
  14. What does your belly look like?
  15. Partner?
  16. What kind of clothes?

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Quiz topic: What kind of gainer am I?