Has your friend gained weight?

Do you think you're friend has gained weight? If so check this quiz if not just give it a try.

Is you're friend fat, do you want to be fat like them or are they slim and you want to be like them? Good luck

Created by: Intercity125
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  1. Are you with your friend a lot?
  2. Does their belly look different?
  3. if yes does their belly jiggle while their walking?
  4. Did you notice their belly is bigger with their shirt on & when they sit down?
  5. You're in the changing room and you are attracted to their belly what does it look like?
  6. Do they have love handles and if they do are they big, small or defined?
  7. In PE do they do much, or are they quite lazy and full of excuses?
  8. Wearing the following clothes is their belly visible?
  9. Wearing the following clothes is their belly not visible?
  10. What do they eat on a meal out at McDonald's or any restaurant?
  11. Has their eating habits changed over time?
  12. What size shirts do they wear?
  13. What size trousers do they wear?
  14. Do you know what their weight is?
  15. Have you ever felt their belly? If so what does it fell like?
  16. It's the summer holidays and you and your friend meet up and go and have lunch where does your friend suggest?
  17. You haven't seen your friend for a few weeks ano you have PE and you notice their belly I getting bigger what do you do!
  18. You are at you're friend house they tell you lets go to the beach what do they do?
  19. A few weeks later you go swimming and while you are in the changing room and you notice you're friend is getting fatter what do you do?
  20. You are at you're friend house what's the first thing he says to you?
  21. It's the summer holidays again yay!, what do you and you're friend do?
  22. How much weight has you're friend gained over the summer holidays?
  23. would you describe your friend as?
  24. What gender is you're friend if they are a girl wait until my other quiz is done,ok😊 No effect on answer

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Quiz topic: Has my friend gained weight?