Have you gained weight?

Everyone has a weight growing up. Maybe people gain weight with time, others tend to lose weight. Some even stay the same. This has been the circle of life for a long time now.

The questions is, which type of person are you? Have you gained weight? Lost it? Stayed the same? Find out here and now and stop wondering. You could take this quiz. Or you could just step on a scale or go to the doctor but that's lame. Do this quiz. quiz It's fun.

Created by: Dona
  1. Do you think you have gained any weight?
  2. How are your old clothes fitting?
  3. Are you still in shape?
  4. How has your diet been?
  5. Has anyone commented on your weight?
  6. Can you still see your toes
  7. Are you bigger than your high school friends now?
  8. What's your favourite colour?
  9. Do you want to gain weight?
  10. Did you like this horrible quiz?

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