What type of gainer should you be? (For Men)

Many people decide to gain, not having a goal in mind. Taking this quiz may potentially help you make a decision. Remember to take your result with a grain of salt.

Gainers’ bodies range wildly, from only a little poochy to severely overweight. Many distinct categories are found in this range of fatness. This quiz provides 5 different categories as broad answers for your gaining goals. Make sure to answer all of the questions.

Created by: Johann
  1. What is your goal weight?
  2. Which type of fat would you prefer to have? Subcutaneous, or visceral (jiggly or hard fat)?
  3. Will you go to the gym?
  4. How much body hair do you have?
  5. Do you want to gain so you can increase your masculinity?
  6. Do you know what creatine is?
  7. Do you know what biotin is?
  8. Which type of body do you want the most?
  9. What is the most important thing about a belly?
  10. Imagine having the perfect belly, and then sit down in a desk. What happens?
  11. Why do you want to gain weight? Pick the closest answer.
  12. Is your dream belly big and round?
  13. Which of aspect of gaining is more important to you?
  14. How confident are you about gaining?
  15. How important is your health when it comes to gaining?
  16. What would happen if you decided you didn't like being a gainer anymore, after being one for years? (Imagine you have met, or passed your goal weight)

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Quiz topic: What type of gainer should I be? (For Men)

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