Should you gain weight? (For men)

Do you despise all fat? Or do you want to rock a manly beer gut? This quiz is for those who want to know their placement on this line, as well as those conflicted about this whole idea.

This quiz will reveal if you want to gain weight, and how much you want to gain (if you want to, of course). Please make sure to answer all of the questions.

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  1. Why are you taking this quiz?
  2. What is your opinion on beer bellies?
  3. If you think you want to gain weight... how much do you want to gain?
  4. If you want to gain weight... why?
  5. If you wanted to gain weight, how would you get in the calories?
  6. Would you rather be very muscular or very fat?
  7. How much do you drink?
  8. If you were really fat, would you still go to the pool?
  9. Are you satisfied with your current body?
  10. Which do you think looks the best on you?
  11. What do you think when you see someone with a big beer belly?
  12. What type of hairy body looks best?
  13. Do you want to gain weight to increase your masculinity?
  14. Gaining weight can take a long time. How long are you willing to persist?
  15. How important is being able to sit in desks?
  16. If you were payed 1000 dollars for every 10 pounds you gained, how much would you gain?
  17. (Imagine this scenario) You're eating out with your friends and you're wearing clothing that's a little tight on your extra 10 pounds. You're eating dessert and your button pops. ...?
  18. (Imagine this scenario) You're 300 pounds, and you're working as a store clerk. Throughout the day, you see how people look disgusted when around you. Eventually, you see one of your cousins. They haven't seen you for ages. They are especially disgusted. ...?
  19. (Imagine this scenario) Your parents pay you a surprise visit while you've been gaining weight. They see your extra 30 pounds and they lecture you on being healthier. ...?
  20. (Imagine this scenario) Your friend tells you that you should gain weight. He's willing to gain with you.
  21. (Imagine this scenario) You've gained 100 pounds and every time you eat, you experience big, painful sounding burps. Every time you eat with family, this happens.
  22. (Imagine this scenario) You've decided to gain some weight. After 2 weeks of gorging on food, stuffing yourself as much as possible during every meal, you see that you've gained 3 pounds. You had to spend all of your leftover money on food. ...?
  23. If you decided to gain weight, would you be able to tell people about it?

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Quiz topic: Should I gain weight? (For men)

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