Are You wanting to Gain/Become Fat?

This is a quiz (not accurate so don’t take the results to seriously) that defines how much you want to gain weight/ become fat. This is a roleplay quiz btw

This quiz will require honest opinions only. You get a choice of two doors. The exit, or a weight simulation room. Let’s say you choose the simulation. You enter a room full of walls made of mirrors. The door closes and locks you in. There is a screen which counts your weight from when you entered and when you come out. It also counts the weight you have gained and the amount you weigh at the specific moment. The start and stop buttons on the back of the door will determine how much weight you want to gain. There isn’t a setting to how much you want to gain but you watch your belly and your body in general rise in fat. Do you accept this?

Created by: Unknown
  1. First question. What body type do you have now? (doesn’t affect)
  2. And how heavy are you wanting to be? How fat in other words?
  3. (The rest are role-play questions)You wake up in a room. There is a door which says Weight simulation. And another which says exit. The Weight simulation room comes with a set of conditions: You will enter the room as your normal weight. You close the door behind you and the walls are made out of mirrors. On the door it shows your weight. There will be a stop button underneath it. By pressing the start button beside the stop button, it will increase your weight quickly. Unnaturally. Do you chose the exit or the Weight room?
  4. You click the start button. You have gained 3 pounds in a matter of seconds. It’s not noticeable but your belly seems alot softer. How do you feel?
  5. As the time goes by, the weight gain gets faster. You have waited atleast 1-2 mins and you have gained 25lbs from your original weight. You look in the mirror. You can see a slight change. What do you notice first? (non effective unless cancelled)
  6. It has reached about 5 minutes after you last checked. You spent the last few minutes in your phone. You have gained 50lbs it says on the screen. You look in the mirror and your belly is now poking out the bottom of your shirt. Your jeans zip has now slightly came undone. You now have to lift your belly from covering your waistband. You feel_
  7. Lets say you have reached 290lbs (sorry if you are already irl no offence and it’s not bad) you look in the mirror at the new you. Your shirt has gradually started to rip, your jeans button has popped off and it’s becoming harder to walk without getting out of breath. You feel_
  8. You have grown another 50lbs. You look at how much more you have grown. Think about it. 450lbs. It’s becoming harder and harder to sit up or even walk. You waddle over to the mirror and your huge thighs clap as you walk. What do you like the most? non effective
  9. Its been an entire hour. You have reached 700lbs. You’re almost immobile. You have to roll onto your front after lying down to push yourself up. You look down at your shoes. They have split. Your socks too. Your blistered bruised feet are so chubby and have destroyed your shoes. You feel_
  10. You have came this far. Or should I say this fat? Jokes aside. You’re afraid that if you sit down you won’t be able to get down again, but your knees are in terrible condition. If you fall over, you can’t reach the button. You are_
  11. You have came to the conclusion that you must stop. How do you feel when you leave?
  12. You come home to your parents/ You call them to pick you up. When they see you, they fat shame you. What do you reply with? (btw its the final question)

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Quiz topic: Am I wanting to Gain/Become Fat?

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