How fat should you be?

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1.3. Welcome to our quiz where you will have to choose the weight you want to have. The quiz contains simple questions as well as a small role-playing game. Hope you enjoy it ;)

In fact, any weight is beautiful, any figure is incomparable. Skinny, Normal, Chubby, Curvy, Thick, Fat, Obese, Immobile - each of them is unique and beautiful in its own way. Don't be afraid if you don't meet the standards, we will definitely support you! What's new in update: new rp, new images. Also answer system recheck

Created by: Woowie
  1. Hello my dear friend! Now we will ask you some questions so that you can decide how fat you want to be. We don't force it to pass, but if you're ready, can we start?
  2. Okay. So how much do you want to gain?
  3. Nice. How would you react to comments about your desired weight?
  4. Great. And if we made you gain weight indefinitely until you say "STOP", how much would you gain?
  5. Well. And to be honest, do you want to become fatter? (Here no one will judge you, because it's your choice)
  6. I offer a role-playing game. The plot is this: you are in a room where you can adjust your weight. The first thing you notice on the screen is the number "120". This is the weight you start with. You went to the "gain weight" button and pressed it. The number has changed to 130, and your tummy has become a little softer and bigger.
  7. You see the "save and lose weight" button, now you can save and reset everything to 120 at any time.
  8. As you continued to gain weight, the screen showed the number 150. You became a little softer and bigger in all places. What are you going to do?
  9. Continuing, the number reaches 175. The belly begins to tear out from under the shirt, but has not yet torn it. What will you do next?
  10. Number 190. Your hips are now wide, your belly is still not torn, but already at the limit. What will you do next?
  11. Already around 250. Suddenly, the button on your pants bursts, allowing your belly to come out. The hips are even wider. How will you do now?
  12. Number 500. You are now massive, it is difficult for you to walk, but you can still. The belly has become incredibly large. What is it this time?
  13. You reach the number 750, which is the maximum. Now you can finally save.
  14. Fine. This RPG was for fun. A new scenario is ahead. But first, tell me honestly, who would you prefer to be all the same?
  15. You've got an interesting challenge. You will need to put on a mechanism resembling a wrist electronic watch and walk with it for a month. Everything seems to be fine, right? However, the mechanism screen will show a number representing your weight. You will change in the body depending on the number. Every day is a new number. Who knows... Maybe you will become like branches, or like a mountain.
  16. So. A new day has begun. The number 130 is on the screen. You look like a slender beauty. What do you think about this?
  17. Your day went great. But the new day the screen shows 325. You have a big belly and very wide hips. What are you doing?
  18. Fine. A week goes by and... OH GOD! The number 50 flashed on the screen. You are so thin that you look like a skeleton. What will you do?
  19. It was epic. Another 5 days pass and... Number 1900. You are now incredibly huge. What to do?
  20. So. The month has passed. You completed the challenge and as a reward you will be given the opportunity to spend exactly 5 days at a constant weight that you choose. After 5 days, you will return to your usual body again. What will you choose?
  21. OK. And now let's improve the scenario with the mechanism. Now you can set parameters for yourself and you can change them exactly in 1 day. Also, weight loss or weight gain will go smoothly, for example, when in 5 minutes you can go through all the stages from Skinny to Immobile, gradually gaining weight. The screen contains such parameters as: weight (number), walking speed (number), smoothness (Yes / No). Ready to set yourself up for today?
  22. Weight:
  23. Walking speed:
  24. Smoothness:
  25. You've had a good day. Will you change the next day or stay?
  26. So so so. Now we will ask you some questions, and you will answer them. They count too. First question. Do you really want to gain weight?
  27. What would you do with your newfound weight?
  28. Maybe it is. But face it, in real life, you wouldn't put on weight, right?
  29. Yeah. And if we actually increased you in weight, then how?
  30. Fine. And on which of the proposed options does a large amount of weight look better?
  31. Well. Then choose who you will be for one day.
  32. Here is the end. We hope you liked it. Here are your results. Until new updates!

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