Are you fat or skinny? FIND OUT HERE

There are all different body types. Some a re big, tall, wide, short, and small. This quiz is designed especially with unique quwestions to figur out what body tyoe you are.

Do you wonder what everybody thinks of your weight? Take thos quiz to find out!

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  1. What size are you?
  2. Do boys stare at you?
  3. Are you confident with your weight?
  4. Does your parents tell you to eat healthy
  5. How many miles do you think you can run?
  6. Do your friends tell you you look thin
  7. Do tall boots cling to your calves
  8. are skinny jeans reall tight on you
  9. does your stomach roll when you sit
  10. Does your body seem to define your personality
  11. What is the most comfortable thing to wear on a hot day to school

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Quiz topic: Am I fat or skinny? FIND OUT HERE