Should you get fat

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This quiz will tell if you want to become a fat pig who has a massive jiggly belly, a fat butt and some thunder thighs who sits down and stuffs their piggy face all day or stay skinny and normal and healthy

Take this quiz to see what you should do be fat, skinny or gain only a little this quiz will tell you all the answers, play honestly to get proper accurate results

Created by: Monkey
  1. It’s 12am and you wake up hot and sweaty you then hear a incredibly loud growl coming from your stomach and you get the feeling of being insanely hungry so you get up to get a snack you realise your naked and you feel your whole body jiggle, you waffle over to the mirror and see that you have gained 30 pounds overnight and you destroyed all your cloths with your big fat belly and thighs, you slap your belly making it jiggle what do you do
  2. You decide to go grab a snack from the cupboard, you know your parents leave all the good food at the top but it’s too high for you to reach so you grab a foot stool but as you proceed to stand on it it completely snaps and you fall into your butt making your whole body jiggle what do you do?
  3. The next morning you wake up and get ready for school/work and you put on your school shorts only finding that you can’t even get close to buttoning them and you try to pull your once fitting school uniform shirt down you find it dosent even cover half of your ginormous belly what do you do?
  4. You finally get your pants buttoned and you hop in the car to go to school but as you get in your belly bursts the button of your jeans and it flys violently off, your mom is shocked and slaps your fat belly that is now sitting on your lap and says “Wow I think we need to put you on a diet you should really go for a run Aswell” what do u respond with
  5. You get to school and you have Sport first up, the teacher is making everyone rub 1500m and you stop after the first 200m and sit down panting for air, the teacher comes over to you and tells you to get up and rub again because you need the extra excersise!! What do u say to him
  6. It’s now lunch time and you are so incredibly hungry you could eat out the whole canteen, and it’s your lucky day because the canteen is giving away free food, you ask for 5 large pepperoni pizzas, 3 hot dogs, 2 large burgers and 2 cans of coke. Your mouth is watering and you dig in finishing the whole meal in 15 minutes. Your so stuffed and you take off your pants exposing your huge fat belly rubbing it to make the pain go away, you then realise everyone is looking at you how do you react
  7. You go home after a long day and your parents drag you to the doctors they weigh you but as you step on the scale you hear a loud crunch and it says error so you step off the scale and try again, the number reads 267Lb the doctor tells you to take a seat and because your at a kids doctor you can’t seem to fit your big butt between the hand rests so you decide to stand up, the doctor explains that you are almost obese and then grabs your belly showing you that you need to make a change what to u say?
  8. It’s been 3 weeks since u woke up fat and you have gained over 80 pounds, your belly is absolutely massive and your thighs are covered in cellulite and rub while you walk, you have out grown all of your cloths and your feeling so unfit and lazy, your mom takes you to get new cloths but everything you try on in the store doesn’t fit what do u do
  9. On the way back you see McDonald’s doing a eating challenge you ask your mom to stop and she does, the challenge is to eat 5 bigmacs, 5quater pounders, 10large fries and 5 large Coke’s you accept the challenge and finish eaisily not even feeling completely full, you won a lifetime free food gift card and you order the whole menu and stuff yourself infront of your mom, she is disgusted in you seeing your fat belly covered in grease and your face covered in food, she slaps your massive belly and tells you that your a fat disgusting pig and you need to loose 150 pounds what do u say to her
  10. You get back into the car only to find you can’t even put the seatbelt on, you have to suck in alottt and u finally get it buckeled, after 3 minutes you have to stop sucking in and you let your belly loose completely destroying the seat belt, you get home and take all your cloths off, feeling your humongous body jiggle and wobble as you walk you sit on you’re bed hearing a loud creek and then a snap, you and your fat lard butt broke your entire bed, you feel turned on and go weigh yourself, the number reads 433Lb what’s your reaction
  11. You hear a knock at the door and it’s this really cute girl that you have had a crush on for a couple months, they are so shocked to see how fat you have become but they tell you that it’s sexy and cute, they go to the shop and buy a lot of fattening greasy food and tie you to a chair and feed you. The chair your sitting is made of solid wood but you hear a snap and you go falling to the ground making a loud thud as your fat body jiggles and hits the ground your crush loves it and asks to be your feeder what do u say
  12. After 1 year you have gained over 400 pounds and are now morbidly obese what do you do now

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Quiz topic: Should I get fat

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