Are you fat or skinny?

Many people are different. Some are fat others aren't. Some people just LOVE their belly so much! Some LOVE their abs! But some people just don't know....

... Not any more! Take this quiz and find out are you fat our skinny? Take a total of 16 questions to determine if your fat or skinny! If you fat our something like that don't be sad. Cuz' ........... FAT PEOPLE RULE!!!!

Created by: Belly Boy

  1. About how much do you weigh?
  2. Look down. What do you see?
  3. You eat until....
  4. Which of the following is your favorite fast-food restaurant:
  5. Sit down. How many fat rolls do you have?
  6. Can you pinch you're fat on your belly or can you grab handfuls. If you can, how much?
  7. Poke your finger through your belly, how deep does it go?
  8. Does your belly hang over your jeans?
  9. Has you're button ever popped off before?
  10. How many snacks do you eat in a day?
  11. Do you exercise?
  12. When you run does your belly jiggle?
  13. If you're at a restaurant, what will you order?
  14. What do you think of your belly?

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Quiz topic: Am I fat or skinny?