The school bloat

Today is the science fair at your school. You are preparing the best project ever: The bloat machine! You start to test it. Your machine starts to vibrate.

Until.. It aimed at you! Your body starts tingling, Your belly bloats and grows. Your body gets rounder and rounder. Your machine has malfunctioned, starting a shock wave of bloating! It has infected the school students and teachers, and same with principals! The side effects include: Rapidly eating and binging, Bloating, Hiccups and burps that make you bloat and grow, and massive expanding bodies. And you love it! What is your life like when your bloated?

Created by: Kai
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  1. You go to the cafeteria to feed your face as fast as you could! You order everything! You feed your face crazily! Your thoughts?
  2. Your bloated body wants to bounce up and down, You play with your very round body. Do you love it?
  3. Your drinking alot of soda and chocolate milk, You hiccup alot. Legend says that if you hiccup, your body gets rounder and bigger. Your thoughts?
  4. Your wearing sweat clothes with suspenders, Your side effects get worse and worse. Your suspenders..
  5. What is your sentence when you are eating alot?
  6. Your bloat experiment is spreading everywhere around the world! Your school ends, And you go home to eat alot of food in your fridge, cabinet s, even Lunchbox! You eat until..
  7. Your gonna have bedtime, Your midnight snack turns into a midnight lunch! Your pajamas are gonna rip, You eat so much that you can not stop eating! Would you eat even more?
  8. Your dreaming that you can go to a land of unhealthy food, candy, and bloated lunch! Would you eat it all?
  9. You wake up for breakfast, How big is your breakfast will it be?
  10. Dessert time! Make a huge cake with frosted cookies, and Chocolate on top! How many courses would you like?

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