How much do you like your school?

Do you want to know how much you like or dislike your school? Whether your in grade school, high school, middle school or college, this is the intelligently written quiz for you.

Please answer every question with truth, the choices are customized for all ages and all personalities, you may get some surprising twists and you have to pick your choice......for any friendship questions, don't count fake friends.

Created by: Miss Fortune's Daughter
  1. How many friends do you have?
  2. Let's go through the day: you have to wake up, how do you feel?
  3. You get to school, what happens?
  4. Did you like the last home room teacher, the one now, and do you like the next one you'll be getting?
  5. What's your level?
  6. How is the work for you?
  7. Do you like your schedule?
  8. How are the people in your class or classes that you sit around?
  9. Do you ever feel like anyone is coming after you during school?
  10. How often do you get in trouble?
  11. Do you have a crush or crushes in your school?
  12. What do you think, causes trouble at school?
  13. Which song describes your time at school?

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Quiz topic: How much do I like my school?