How much do you know about health?

This quiz is realistic and it reveals what you should/shouldnt weigh and all the other stuff attached to it. Frame size does matter, but I haven't included that. For a small frame, you could weight about 5 pounds less than the count method. For a medium frame size you should weight the recommended or slightly more. For large frame you should weigh the largest possible recommended.

Please dont get down if you dont know too much about your body. There are dozens of places you can go to get the info you need. Please dont starve yourself or make yourself gain too much weight because of this quiz.

Created by: charlie

  1. What is healthier?
  2. Match the healthy weight to the height.
  3. Many people make the mistake of rounding their height to a particular number. Example: Someone who rounds themselves to 5'4 when they may actually be 5'4 and 3/4. This can cause them to...
  4. If you don't account for the half inches, you could be up to 5 pounds off. Example: someone who is 5'5 might not realize they are in the middle of 5'5 and 5'6 and so they round down causing them to be skinnier than they're supposed to be.
  5. Someone who is 5'4 and 3/4 is underweight at...
  6. What type of body do you find the most attractive on a woman?
  7. Will you pick up a measuring tape and make sure you are indeed the height you think you are to see if you are truly healthy?
  8. Are you 100% positive you are the height you think you are?
  9. If you are 20 or older, do you realize you should weigh more than a teenager regardless of your height?
  10. If your doctor ever told you to gain or lose a certain amount of weight, did you listen to them or ignore them like an idiot?
  11. If you are 5'5(female only), your healthiest weight would be?
  12. Overweight means you're obese?
  13. Obese people have a BMI of 30 or above?
  14. A 5'4 female who is 150 pounds is what?
  15. A girl who is a size 5 in pants is skinny?
  16. A girl who is 110 at 5'4.9 is underweight?
  17. If a website has you calculate your bmi, they are always right?
  18. Which is the WORST website to visit to calculate a bmi?
  19. If you can't pinch fat on your arms or legs, you are severely underweight?
  20. Protein shakes work?
  21. If someone is 200 pounds at 5'5, they are obese.
  22. You should always measure yourself at least twice before making sure it is the accurate height?
  23. Doctors are RIGHT. Websites are WRONG.
  24. Lastly, if you are underweight do you realize you can't just gain 1 pound and poof, you're magically healthy, right?
  25. Underweight people are sexy!

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about health?