Beach problems girls

I have story’s in the quiz but here are more once me and my friends were at the beach and a i had to pee unlike the story in the quiz I peed in my bikini in the sand my friends saw and laughed and stole my bikini bottom

Once on the way to the beach I had to pee I was just in a bikini and wearing a T-shirt and shorts over but and I had to owe so I peee I didn’t know it would show but when people started laughing at me I figured out it showed

Created by: Wetter
  1. Have you ever lost your bikini and been seen with out it
  2. Have you ever peed in the ocean and got caught
  3. Have you ever peed in your bikini not in the water without pulling it down and got caught
  4. Have you ever purposely taken off your top or bottom if so why
  5. Have your friends ever stolen your bikini and made you get out of the water
  6. Have you ever skinny dipped
  7. Should I share a story
  8. Idc what u said last time so ima robot anyway
  9. Well once me and my friends all girl and my boyfriend were in the ocean just having fun when my top came off the app started laughing as I tried to find my bikini I never found the top
  10. Another story once me and my friends without my boyfriend were at the beach I had to pee so I peed while playing with my friends they noticed and laughed because I always do it but then all our bikinis had been taken off by a wave and we had to run to our car and go home naked
  11. Should of had this at the top what’s ur gender

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