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Welcome back to Find The Wysteria! I haven’t written anything for this story quiz in about 6 years, but guess what -- I’m back babyyyy!! and I’ve got great plans for this story. I remembered what I had been planning and developed it more, to where I can definitely finish it some day soon! In the last part, you reunited with the gang and even shared a romantic kiss with Dawson!

You two also acquired some pixie dust and some sweet relief medicine from your faerie/human hybrid enemies-turned-friends. But the most pressing concern right now is that you think you might have seen the cloaked girl who stole the Crown of the city of Lights again! But you aren’t sure… Note: This installment has a lot of answers that are vague as to which guy you like! I base those ones off of my own secret logic, muahaha. You might like a guy you don’t even know you like!!

Created by: rhimicha

  1. Deep down, you don’t really want to tell anyone that you might have seen the cloaked girl again. You are really worrying about the time it’s going to take to complete this mission. At the same time, you figure it might take not too long to catch her if you entail the help of everyone. That way, Jules could return the Crown to the city of Lights by giving it to some other city keepers, and you could all be on your way. After having this quick mental battle with yourself on what you should do, you call out to Dawson as he heads up the stairs of the lodge.
  2. Dawson stops in his tracks and looks back, coming down to return to you. “What’s up, _____?” he asks curiously. You formulate a reply. “Well, I hate to deviate from our plan to rest up and then head to the Northern Woods, since we already were kidnapped for while, but I could have sworn I just saw the weird girl who stole the Crown and our horse, and hit Jules last time we saw her.” Dawson furrows his brow in surprise and says, “No way, are you for real? If that’s her, we have to get the others and go after her. No sense in letting a criminal run loose…”
  3. You and Dawson go upstairs and he goes to wake up the guys. You go into your room to find that Lucia is still awake (it’s about 2am now, can you believe it’s only been 4 hours since you said goodbye to the faeries!?), looking at a piece of paper nostalgically. She looks up at you and quickly places the paper back into her satchel. “Hey _____, what’s wrong? You look stressed. I mean, besides getting lost in the woods for so long,” she chuckles. You quickly explain, “I have some bad news, but also kind of good news? I think I might have seen the girl who hit Jules earlier, and stole our horse.” Lucia seems stunned by this information, as if she can’t believe it. “Damn, I know said I wanted an adventure, but this is just one thing after another, isn’t it?” She gets up and puts on her shoes. “I guess it can’t be helped though. We definitely have to go after her. At least to get our horse back. I’m sick of walking in rotations.”
  4. Once the boys are woken up by Dawson, you all meet in the hallway and talk about the plan to catch the girl while heading downstairs. Jules asks which direction you saw her going in.
  5. You all decide upon a direction to head, and scan the area outside. At first, no one sees anything, since it’s pretty dark now, but Jules takes one of the torches on the outside of the hotel and uses it as you all head towards the road. “Over there, look!” you whisper as you point to the same girl you saw pass you by. She’s feeding food scraps to what appears to be a dog.
  6. Jules composes himself and says in a quiet voice, “This time, I think it’s best if we approach her in a friendly way. She’s not expecting us right now… I think only one of us should approach her. Preferably a guy, just in case she siccs the dog on us.”
  7. The group agrees in a hurry that Caldwell will be the one to approach her, taking the torch for protection and light. The rest of you stay near the hotel, hiding in the shadows. You try your very best to eavesdrop on the conversation. “Hey, are you okay there?” Caldwell greets her. She jumps a little bit at the sound, and the dog remains completely focused on the food. “Holy crap dude, you scared the s--- out of me,” she mutters after a slight gasp. “I’m fine, why?” Caldwell is surprised by her colorful language considering she looks so young. “It’s dark out and I just wanted to make sure you were alright.” She nods and stands up, but as she gets a closer look at his face, she takes a few steps back and says, “Hold up. Who are you?”
  8. “My name is Caldwell. I notice you look kind of beat up. I’m a medic-in-training and have quite a bit of experience with wounds. I can help you with them, if you like. Are you staying at the hotel?” The girl eyes him suspiciously and says, “I think I can handle myself fine. They don’t hurt,” Caldwell nods slowly and mumbles, “Okay, suit yourself,” as he turns back towards the hotel. Then he pauses. “It’s just that, I wouldn’t want you to get an infection… Pain is one thing, but infections can kill...” The girl stops petting her dog and looks at Caldwell closer. After heaving a long sigh, she says, “Okay Mr. Medic-in-Training… Since you insist. But only for these two on my arms. The others will be fine.” Jules puts his hand on your shoulder as you all crouch behind the shrubbery of the hotel and whispers, “That is most definitely her. I think I should arrest her as they’re walking through the door. Does that sound good to everyone? You two girls be my backup here in case she tries to run. Dawson, maybe you should go sneak around to the other door just in case.”
  9. You think about it for a second and reply, “Alright, I’ve got your back.” Then to Dawson, “See you soon!” Then, just as the girl, Caldwell, and her dog amble through the hotel doorway, you all run out of the bushes, while Dawson goes to the other door to spot. “Excuse me! Under the authority of the head city keeper of the city of Lights, I’m placing you under arrest!” Jules proclaims as he intercepts the girl’s pathway. He slickly pulls out a pair of manacles from his satchel and places them over her wrists before she even has a chance to react. Caldwell stands there with his mouth open, seemingly stunned at how quick that happened. Do you, _____, know what manacles are?
  10. “What is your name, age, and where are you from? By the law, you are required to answer truthfully or face even further penalty for your crimes. Your crimes include assault and theft.” The girl stands there perplexed and furious at the manacles on her wrists, her eyes darting every which way at all of you. “I-I-I, my name is- what- not you people again! Who are you people??” Her dog paces while panting, looking back and forth at everyone, whining in discontent.
  11. “I believe I asked you that first,” Jules states unsympathetically. Dawson shows up at this time, surprised to see the situation under control now. The sole two people at the hotel bar, as well as the bartender, are gawking at the scene. The girl shakes her head back and forth, tears welling up in her eyes, but her voice now steady. “My name is Evangeline, I’m 14, and I’m from Silkwood orphanage, but I’ve been homeless for a long time…” she explains defeatedly. “The crown is upstairs in my room. I promise I didn’t mean anyone any harm, I was just… I don’t know…” Jules replies to explain how she will have to be taken to the law enforcement building in the morning, where they will deal with her further. She starts to cry silently and Caldwell tries to comfort her, saying how he’ll still treat her wounds, if she wants him to. She shrugs and says, “Go ahead, please.”
  12. Evangeline is taken upstairs to stay in the room with the girls, but Jules insists he stay on the floor in front of the door there just in case she tries anything funny. She returns the crown to him in all its glory. When he sees it, he lets out a big sigh of relief, and places it in a protective locked box within his satchel. “Thank you for being honest with us.” Caldwell continues to treat her wounds in the boys’ room (where he’s been keeping his medical supplies) and asks her, “So, Evangeline, what happened that caused you to be homeless, if you don’t mind me asking?” She furrows her brow as he sterilizes the deep gash on her left arm. “Not that it’s any of your business, but the orphanage I grew up in was just worse than being homeless. That’s all I’ll say.” Caldwell nods in understanding. Later on, everyone gets ready for tomorrow. You won’t get much sleep tonight, and you all will be heading out late.
  13. Once Evangeline’s wounds are clean and bandaged, you, her, Lucia, and Jules are about to sleep in your room. She quickly mentions, “Oh and by the way, I know I won’t be with you people for long, but I don’t go by Evangeline. People call me Jelli. I would say friends, but I don’t have any of those,” she chuckles dryly. Jules looks at her for a moment before laying down on the floor, on some blankets. “Try to get some sleep,” he tells us all. “Including you, Jelli.” She seems surprised that he even addressed her at all, let alone by her nickname. “And don’t try anything,” he adds pointedly, as if to make up for his moment of nicety. “I am a VERY light sleeper.”
  14. The daylight has come, and your eyes slowly open. You feel kisses on your cheek from a slobbery tongue, and smell a scent similar to leftover fish stew. How do you react to Jelli’s dog waking you up?
  15. You get up and do whatever you decided. It looks like the others are still sleeping. When you peak out the window at the hotel’s sundial in the courtyard, you figure it to be about 11am. That means you all got about 7 hours of sleep. Not bad at all! But you better set out soon, or it will be dark again before you reach the next city! You start by waking up Jules. Upon closer inspection you see that he was already awake, but just had his eyes closed. You sit beside him and ask, “Did you get any sleep?” He slowly stretches and yawns before replying in a mumble, “A lil bit. Not too much because I was worried about losing the crown again. But enough.”
  16. Jelli now wears her dark cloak again. She says she wears it to keep warm, and to hide all her wounds, so as not to attract too much attention. She still hasn’t said what happened, and none of you feel it’s your business to ask. You all scramble to throw something quick and nutritious in your mouths and even buy food for Jelli, as well. She thanks Jules, since he paid for it. He gives her a thumbs up and a wave of his hand, as if it’s no big deal. Then you head off on your two horses to the law enforcement building, while some of you walk. Jelli admitted that she sold the horse she stole earlier because she needed money for lodging, which she used up on the last night she stayed at the hotel. Jules sighed in response to that but said he understood, considering her situation. Just as you all are about to enter the building (it’s only a few minutes away from the hotel), you have an idea to propose to Jelli. You don’t know what’s come over you, but you just feel so bad for the girl, you can’t keep it hidden any longer. You have to tell her about the Wysteria. Your parents raised you to never withhold good things from others, even if it possibly means a bad outcome for you.
  17. The group stares at you in disbelief as you blurt out how you’re all on a mission to find the Wysteria, and that’s why you’ve been traveling together. You mention how you only know Jules because he had suspected you in the past of stealing the crown, but decided to help you on your journey after he met you. “Jelli, I know this a lot, and you might not believe in it. But the Wysteria can apparently grant whoever eats it immeasurable wealth and success. You might not trust me, but if it truly did give me an immeasurable amount of money, I would definitely share it with all of you! Anyone who needs it.” Jelli looks curious, scared, and delighted all at the same time. For whatever reasons, you don’t know, but you do know that being honest was the right thing to do. And that’s all that matters. Now, to deal with everyone who’s going to be mad at you for this…
  18. Guess whattttt. That’s the end of Part 9!! I hope you all enjoyed. Be sure to check out the old parts of this quiz-story for those who haven’t, and who only just now happened upon this story. There’s going to be a lot of parts to this story, most likely, because there is a lot of plot to cover and adventure to go on, still. Until next time (which should be sooner than 6 years from now, I promise. It should be more like a week from now xD)! *No effect*

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