Warrior cats Oc generator

I have made a lot of oc over the years and I have put some of my fav oc that I made into the quiz it’s time to see which one your are like most i wanted to add more but I was getting tired of having to write so much lol

you May use the names just not the back story I told a back story of an oc to someone once and they copied it I was soo annoyed pls can none of you do this it really upset me away from that enjoy the quiz

Created by: Storm leopard
  1. First things first are you a She cat or a Tom
  2. What role are you
  3. Were are you in you in your group of friends
  4. Yay rp time your face with an evil leader and the deputy aka the partner in crime what do you do
  5. More rp you find the kit of your worst enemy lost in your territory what do you do
  6. MORE RP YAS !!!
  7. Your must likely to go to blank when you die
  8. What’s your fav cat book apart from warrior cats
  9. Family means what to you
  10. Sorry I love rp your in a fight when a much bigger stronger cat then you pins you to the ground
  11. Last question who do you ship more

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