Warrior cats : Oc generator

This is an Warrior cats Oc generator . I Took two days on this quiz I hope you in joy it as in it’s my first quiz I will most likely do a few more quizzes like this.

This quiz will ask you some info ( Not personal) and It will give you an answer based off of your answers . I do not like hateful comments so so not write any.

Created by: Usucksobadhaha
  1. First of all your gender ..
  2. You hear something strange but scary at the same time what do you do?
  3. Kit , Queen , Deputy, Leader, Med etc
  4. You are walking across the clan border you see a cat and you immediately fall in love .
  5. You don’t need to to this question) ( You hear someone saying Rude stuff about you What will you do .
  6. Pick a bad trait
  7. Pick a good trait
  8. Your choice) ( You find out you ( Or your mate ) is expecting kits what do you do
  9. What clan ( Might not have affect)
  10. Last one . What’s your favourite food to catch

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