are you fat or not

there are amny fat people but few thin.thin is after all quite exceptional what is a thin person A Thin Perosn Is A Person Who Is Normally On There Desired Weight

are you thin do you have the six pack all boys dream of or are you just a really fat guy thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: bob
  1. How Much Do You Eat A Day
  2. how old are you just to check your the same person and not somebody else taking over so you get different results
  3. Do You Sweat While Walking down stairs
  4. what size clothes do you normally but
  5. Is Anyone Else In You Familly Fat
  6. do you where a belt
  7. do you order more than one double cheese burger in macdonalds
  8. can you see the bit of the boxers/pant that you're wearing under you belly
  9. weight
  10. do you have stretch marks any where on your body

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Quiz topic: Am I fat or not